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June 07, 2008


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Yusuf Dahir

It's true that Somaliland passport is not recognized of course as country we are not recognized,but, one thing am sure about it since i just left there in about a couple of months that Somaliland Government travels with the official Somaliland passport,you can find that th British Embassy in Ethiopia, about the president's trip to the States, him and his crew were using and traveled with the Somaliland passport. Journalist's like you Richard traveled around Europe with the Somaliland passport, Yusuf Abdi Gabobe of daily Haatuf newspaper with the Somaliland Times which comes on the weekends in English is one of them that carries Somaliland passport, you should meet also while you are there. We are not recognized yet but we are on the verge, patiently we are waiting no matter how many years it takes and Somaliland will never look back Somalia forget about uniting again.


I used the Somaliland passport to go to France last year. I was rejected with the Somali passport first then the Somaliland one was more acceptable in the French embassy in Addis.

Other countries like UK, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa also recognize and accept the Somaliland passport. The number is increasing though.


Are these passports, as shown in picture, recogniced at all to date 2008?


Somaliland passport is considered a "legitimate"
travel document in most parts of the world except in Arab countries. which created difficulty situation to the Somalilanders living in the Arab world such Saudi Arabia and rest of GCC countries who cannot travel with Somaliland passports and yet cannot enter somaliland with somali passport. AWKWARDNESS
i hope thing will sorted out soon because somali passport is not cool any more..

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jaamac dhule

all of you are talking silly topic which has nothing to do with somalia or somaliland. so as everybody knows somalia is a country and somaliland is part of somalia if somalilanders travel with somali passaport is it a big thing shame on you guys and close this topic..

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