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June 13, 2008


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Yusuf Dahir

Richard That was wonderful, once again i appreciated your wonderful reports of Somaliland the facts and the details that comes with, Somaliland have learned how to survive with a tiny budget like that, yes of course we have to defend our borders from the hell flames coming through our neighboring Somalia including the little evils THE PIRATES of the red and Indian Ocean, Puntland.and yet we are happy and minding our businesses.We are the little country that can do it. God Bless Somaliland. Thanks Richard.


Thanks a lot Richard for the analysis. I'm glad there are intellectuals like you who can understand the situation that Somaliland faces.

Yes Somaliland is very smart to manage such small budget to run a whole country.

Richard Lough

Rooble, thanks for your comment. My point is more that without international recognition the budget and levels of aid are pitiful. I'm not sure I would agree that what there is is spent well. It is apparent corruption within government ministries is rife. There are simply no acountability systems. Secondly, on a short trip 40 km outside of hargeisa I only saw two schools, both funded by international aid agencies. The health clinic we passed had no medicine. So you have to question the extent to which the government is able to "run the country". But with just $30 million in government coffers, peace alone is an impressive feat.

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